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Welcome to your guide to driving and travelling in France


Whatever the reason, France is a great place to visit. Home to 67 million people, the country is more than twice the size of the UK, and has some of the most stunning scenery and architecture you can wish to encounter. No wonder France comes out on top when it comes to the number of people who make a visit for their holidays!

The country possesses a huge road network, from the thousands of kilometres of motorways transporting people across the country quickly and with ease, to the local departmental roads winding their way through forests and mountain ranges. Yet France's size means that most of the time, you won't encounter a huge deal of traffic, especially away from the major urban areas.

France also has a huge railway system, whether it is the flagship high speed network or the little branch lines serving local communities.

So whether you are resident, a visitor making that trip sometime in the future, or you are merely wanting to find out more about that particuar autoroute, Voie Rapide is here to provide you with more information.

The website is full of maps showing junction layouts and services information for motorways and trunk routes across metropolitan France, as well as useful information that should help you ensure your journey is hassle free and as relaxing as possible, whatever mode you pick.

So whatever you are wanting to take a look at, we hope you will enjoy perusing through the website and find it useful.


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