Useful Information

These pages provide additional information that we think can help make any trip to France easier.

Bornes routières

What those little roadside marker posts mean.


What to do and what not to do, should the unthinkable happen.

Crit'Air and clean air zones

A number of towns and cities have clean air zones, to help reduce air pollution. Will your car need a sticker to show it is compliant, or will you need to stay away from those urban areas?

Direction signage

Making sure you easily find your destination - just look for the green signs!

Driving in winter

Making sure you have everything you need to stay legal when driving to those skiing resorts...

Itinéraire Bis

The network of alternative routes that was created back in the 1970s, that are designed to alleviate major routes of some of their holiday traffic.

Panneaux marron

The brown signs that might lead you towards somewhere you never thought of visiting.

Priorité à droite

A historical rule that still applies today - make sure you know when you have priority over traffic from the right.

Road classifications

The different types of roads you'll encounter in France.

Roadside services

Rest areas and service areas can be found across the entire motorway network. But what's the difference?

Toll motorways

The inevitable encounter if you're making a long trip cross country. Motorways will save you loads of time, but they're not always free!

Autoroute concessionaires

A small guide to who runs each motorway.

Free-flow toll motorways

The new generation of toll motorways, that don't require you stopping at a toll booth.

Voies réservées

The free flowing lanes that are being rolled out across France - great as long as you have someone else in the car!